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Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools


Gokosha handles products of just about every tool manufacturer around the world; we can swiftly provide you with the cutting tools to most suit your needs.

For efficient and cost/energy saving solution, we propose the following:

  • 1. Extension of tool life with optimum cutting conditions
  • 2. Optimizing and shortening the cycle-time
  • 3. Improvement of chip control, enhancement of surface finish
  • 4. Proposal of customized tools
  • 5. Provision of total solution including peripheral equipments, fixtures, coolant
  • 6. Information on the latest tools

Refinement in the field of cutting tools is endless.
At Gokosha, we not only deliver you the tools you seek for, but we also work as your consulting partner alongside you.

Cutting Tools Cutting Tools Cutting Tools

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